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The Daily Bee (December 18th, 2017): Zorc interview and Auba’s cryptic tweet

AFC Sunderland  v Borussia Dortmund  - Friendly Match Photo by Deniz Calagan/Getty Images
  • BVB stars singing Christmas songs

Borussia Dortmund’s players, coaches, staff and about 30.000 fans came together yesterday in the Signal Iduna Park to sing BVB and Christmas songs. A nice event for everyone involved and here’s a small sample of the performance.

Michael Zorc had a few interesting things to say during his interview with Sky on Sunday. Most importantly he revealed Aubameyang’s contract extension but he also talked about Dortmund’s issues with Aubameyang: “Auba is a very special player. [...] He’s extravagant, he’s extroverted, a unique character [...] which, by the way is good for a city like Dortmund. We have one problem with him and that’s punctuality. That’s not just in the last few weeks, but rather months or last season. [...] Other than that he’s an absolute professional.”

Naturally he was also asked about the coaching situation and the possibility of hiring Julian Nagelsmann next summer:

That doesn’t sound like a denial and we’ll probably hear about this until next summer. Nagelsmann seems to be the choice but there are doubts about Hoffenheim letting him go, Dortmund would have to pay a fee to get him. He has a release clause in his contract but the clause doesn’t take effect until the summer of 2019.

Asked about possible transfers in January, Zorc pointed towards the difficulty of “winter-transfers”. Clubs aren’t willing to let their best players go mid-season but he stated that they’ll think about transfers once the game against Bayern Munich on Wednesday is done.

Daily Buzz: Auba had this to say about his extension

So....yeah I’m kinda lost here. Thoughts?