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The Daily Bee (November 21st, 2017): Matthias Sammer comments on BVB-woes

Gerhard Mayer-Vorfelder Memorial Service Photo by Uli Deck - Pool /Getty Images

Borussia Dortmund’s star scout, Sven Mislintat has given the reason why he left the club in a recent interview with kicker. Talking to the German outlet he stated “The training grounds ban from the ex-coach [Thomas Tuchel] has changed my way of thinking. I had offers in the years prior but I never really thought about leaving.”.

There are several questions that arise from this, first of all why did the club ever let the head coach impose a ban on one of the most important personnel people in the club, especially when you consider that said coach was sacked only months later?

On the other hand this does seem a bit odd from Mislintat to cite this specifically as the reason for his departure, considering he also got a promotion and substantial raise in London.

Ex-BVB player and coach Matthias Sammer had a few very interesting things to say about Dortmund’s situation in an interview with Eurosport. Sammer is currently working for the network as an analyst on Bundesliga matchdays and is doing an excellent job.

During the interview, Sammer stated that it’s not necessarily the system to blame but rather the lack of “organisation and the hectic and discomposure” in Dortmund’s game right now that are the problem. The entire interview is very interesting and shows that Sammer still has a keen sense on the intricacies of the game.

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