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BVB Community Q & A

FUSSBALL: 1. BUNDESLIGA 92/93 Photo by Bongarts/Getty Images

Its international break and the Dortmund news is kind of slow so I put out the call on twitter to answer some fan questions. Lot’s of people asked similar questions so if I didn’t get to your question there’s probably a similar one below. Without further ado let’s get started!

BVB is a solid team all the way through but if there is one position that could use some help it’s fullback. Piz and Marcel have been hurt or in bad form quite a bit so far this year and Zagadou needs to shift back to his regular role of center back soon. Toljan has looked average so far but he will eventually grow into it. To protect for injury it would be nice to have another fullback even if Raph comes back and plays there.

150+ Million Euros I’d bet.

At this point it does not super matter. We are pretty much out of UCL save for a miracle. However I think it would be dumb for us to give up Europa even if we are doing well in the league. A trophy is a trophy and we are deep enough to handle three competitions.

This is a tough question. Tuchel was a much weirder manager then Bosz, he wasn’t afraid to play players out of position every game. While Raph is a great player in multiple roles he will probably be a depth piece behind Marcel at left back. If he preforms well off his injury he may very well even take over Marcel’s spot as the first choice. With Sahin and Dahoud playing so well, I doubt Raph gets to play central much and with our wings being insanely deep he won’t get there either. Raph is the exact player we need to have the team playing great week to week because he can play so many positions, but we will probably see him as fullback more often then not.

We are above them in the table. I see no reason why we can’t beat them.

No and no. Would be too pricey and he doesn't fill a need we have.

Phillip and Pulisic are above Schurrle in the wing order I’d think. I believe Bosz may use “Striker Schurrle” when he returns. I do think the first choice wings will be Reus and Yarmo but with three competitions Pulisic and Phillip will still see plenty of playing time.

Happened upon them on TV years ago. Watched the game. Arbitrarily decided they were my team. Haven't looked back since.


Burki-Marcel-Bartra-Sokratis-Piz-Weigl-Dahoud(or Sahin they about equal)-Gotze(or Kagawa)-Reus-Yarmolenko-Aubameyang

No idea. He is killing it at Newcastle. He could have been very good for us this year.

Messi? Oh that guy that tries his best to be Pulisic? Nah they aren’t even close in quality.

He has been at the club for years so I doubt it. Not unless something goes really wrong.