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Takeaways from Dortmund Friendly vs PSV

Borussia Dortmund Marbella Training Camp - Day 2 Photo by Alexandre Simoes/Borussia Dortmund/Getty Images

Dortmund played a friendly against PSV this weekend winning 4-1. The game was a good opportunity for BVB to tune up during the winter break. The goal scorers were Reus, Kagawa, Schurrle, and Pulisic for BVB and Luuk De Jong for PSV.


  • Kagawa had a great half today. He was all over the pitch and made quite a few great dribbles into the box. His goal was probably the best of the game as well. While ripping apart PSV’s defense isn’t super amazing, its still promosing for his prospects to play in the second half of the season.
  • Reus also looked great in the first half. His goal was odd as it was shot nearly parallel with the goal post, but a deflection off a PSV defender knocked it in. He did miss a penalty but thats not a super big deal.
  • Piszczek was a little shaky on defense, giving up the ball to PSV a couple of times. But other then that the defense was solid in the first half.
  • Our biggest weakness in the second half was disappointingly but not surprisingly Marc Bartra. He cleared a ball near the half way line and it became a corner kick. That is....... not good. The corner lead to the PSV goal. Not even sure what to say about Bartra at this point. Maybe he needs more training. But if something doesn't improve Tuchel will be hard pressed to keep him in the XI.
  • Pulisic looked good in the second half. He made a few good runs and created some good chances. He also scored a nice goal to put us up 4-1.
  • Mikel Merino finally got some time at midfield and he looked good there. Hopefully he becomes a good option at the holding midfield, or at least a better option then Rode.
  • Schurrle scored a nice goal, but most of the chance came from a great pass from Mor. Mor looked good in the second half and shows just how much winger depth we have. While the goal was nice, this game made it apparent that Schurrle is not a striker.
  • Park Jo-hoo played. That’s it.