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Offical: Neven Subotic loaned to FC Koln

Borussia Dortmund Training Session & Press Conference Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

Club statements now make it offical, Neven Subotic has gone to Koln for a half season loan. After an injury that kept him out so far this season, the centerback who had been with us since day 1 of the Klopp era returns to his first club.

Over the the summer Neven was supposed to transfer to english side Middlesbrough but an injury ended the deal. FC Koln are having a good year so far currently sitting 7th on the table. It’s unclear if Subotic will be given the starting role at a club that’s done so fine without him defensivley so far. Hopefully he can prove he can eb acontributor to BVB again in his time at Koln. He is still just 28 and even though he peaked extremly eary and is a centerback, he shouldn’t be old enough to fall out of form due to age.

Good luck Neven!