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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang cools transfer speculation and buys a mansion in Dortmund

Home is where the Auba is. And right now that home is Dortmund!!

Real Madrid CF v Borussia Dortmund - UEFA Champions League Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

My favorite transfer scoops are the ones that come from the real estate market. Thankfully, this one involves property in Germany, not Spain.

According to Bild, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has purchased a “villa” in the Dortmund area. Specifically, in South Dortmund. If you live there, he may soon be your neighbor!

As is usually the case with world class strikers, there is always transfer speculation hanging over Aubameyang. There has always been a lurking belief that he would one day move-on to Real Madrid. Much has been made of Auba’s promise to his Grandfather that he would one day play for the club.

But buying a mansion like this is certainly a strong indication that Aubameyang plans to stay at Dortmund this summer. It’s not just any regular mansion either, the property contains two buildings. This thing is basically a compound. Bild claim it cost several million euros. Even for a footballer, that’s still a financial commitment.

The summer transfer window is a long way off, and things can change quickly in the transfer market. But this at least means that Auba is happy and planning to stay in Dortmund, barring any major incursions from a club like Madrid.

Or maybe he’s just investing in the housing market? Maybe it’s a run down house and Auba, Reus, and Schmelzer are going to do repairs and flip-it for a profit?

No matter the case, Aubameyang wanting to stay at Dortmund shouldn’t be a major surprise. He’s 27-years-old and producing some of the best numbers of his career. And there’s no reason to believe any bigger club than BVB are currently interested in his services.

But I will definitely feel more confident about him staying if he signed a new contract. Or maybe if he bought even a few more houses in the Dortmund area, just to be safe.