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Daily Bee (January 12th, 2017): Thomas Tuchel on his new contract and alcohol preference

The gaffer opens up

VfL Wolfsburg v Borussia Dortmund - Bundesliga Photo by Ronny Hartmann/Getty Images For MAN

9 days.

In 9 days, our boredom will be relieved. Dortmund will be back in action against Bremen.

A hot start is needed at the beginning of this second half of the season. Everyone at the club understands that, especially Thomas Tuchel. He’s not on a hot-seat of any sorts, but he knows that BVB have to push up the table.

Now if only we had a recent interview with Tuchel to refer to...

What a coincidence! Here’s an interview that Tuchel recently did with WDR Radio. In it, he speaks about a few different things going on with Dortmund.

It’s in German, so I didn’t understand any of it. Luckily other people did! And have translated some of the key points.

-Tuchel is in no rush to sign a new contract. He said: "I expect them to respect the fact that I am an extremely bad negotiating partner during the season. I am relaxed. I'm only half way through my contract."

-TT also recognizes the expectations for the rest of Dortmund’s season. He said: “We want to qualify for the Champions League at least under the top three, and we want to qualify directly. We have to maintain our determination in our attacking play, but we also need to be more watchful in defence without losing our potency up front. We have a lot to do."

-Tuchel also spoke on some lighter issues. It may surprise you, but his drink of choice isn’t beer. It’s gin and tonic! This makes me wonder how he’s REALLY fitting in in Dortmund if he doesn’t like beer.