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Imaginary Report: Week 2

The season is about to kick into gear, and so is fantasy soccer.

Bayern Muenchen v Werder Bremen - Bundesliga Photo by Marc Mueller/Bongarts/Getty Images

With one week under our belts in 2016 Fantasy Bundesliga, there was plenty for which to be excited. As expected, every Bayern player racked up the points. Shockingly, some low-priced players saw their value start to climb.

So in the Bavarian Football Works and Fear The Wall combined league, our top scorers for week one where CN FC and HadyAubameyang FC with 145 points each. You can see their matchday lineups by clicking their team names.

To the surprise of no one, Robert Lewandowski is the point leader among all players with 24. Which means, if you captained Lewy last week you got a whopping 48 points! Not too shabby.

So unless you willingly want to underperform in fantasy this season, you don’t have Lewandowski or Aubameyang in your squad. You probably should get at least one of these players or, when he returns from injury, Chicharito (whose price value is dropping fast!).

So who should you add to your squad with your three allotted transfers this week. This week’s theme: cost efficiency.

  • DEF - Mergim Mavraj, FC Koln, 9.2M, 12pts, 1% popularity

The Albanian goes on the road this week at Wolfsburg which, despite an opening match victory, might struggle against a tough Koln side. Only 1% of fantasy squads feature Mavraj, so he’ll not only get you points but set you apart from the rest.

  • FOR - Bobby Wood, Hamburger SV, 8.1M, 10pts, 3% popularity

Wood is for real. He scored in his debut and made it impossible for opposing defenses to contain him. With just 3% ownership, he’d make a great strike partner for Lewy in your team (don’t get any thoughts, Bayern).

  • MID - Mijat Gacinovic, Eintracht Frankfurt, 5.1M, 10pts, 2% popularity

Honestly, didn’t even have Gacinovic projected to start but he did and played very well. He’s guaranteed to win a ton of duels per game and logged a full 90 minutes. His low cost will allow cap space for a big money signing (Boateng, Chicharito, Reus etc.).

So who should be hittin’ the road?

Well, any Werder Bremen defender for starters. Don’t know why you would’ve had one of them anyways. But the place the part of the field that gets the most points is the midfield. A good midfield is the key to success in fantasy soccer. So here are the two must-drop players.

  • MID - Max Meyer, FC Schalke, 11.9M, 2pts, 6% popularity

With an underwhelming performance on opening day, Meyer won’t likely be shining bright as Bayern Munich visit Gelsenkirchen on Friday. Along with Meyer, you might want to consider dropping Schalke defenders and goalkeepers as points for them could be in the negatives this week.

  • MID - Alen Halilovic, Hamburger SV, 11M, 1pt, 6% popularity

Extremely overpriced, Halilovic was simply not good on match-day one. As Hamburg travels to Leverkusen this weekend, it’s probably time to drop Halilovic as he will be rendered ineffective again against Bayer.

As for whether to drop forwards or goalies, it’s simply too early to tell if they will or will not pan out. Give it until week four to make any major moves in those two departments.

So until next week, Keep Calm and Fantasy On.