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Subotic, Park, and Merino Not Included In Champions League Squad

Dortmund have released their 2016 Champions League squad

Lars Baron/Getty Images

The Borussia Dortmund Champions League 25 man squad for the group stage has been released, and there are no real surprises. However, a few notable absentees are Neven Subotic, who is injured for the rest of 2016, Park Joo-Ho, and Mikel Merino.

Here is the full list, courtesy of UEFA

No one will be shocked to see Park's name off the list, as he's hardly featured in the first team at all in 2016. Most were expecting him to be on his way out this summer, but he's found himself primed for another year on the bench for Dortmund.

Mikel Merino's absence is slightly surprising, but not so much when you consider that the highest level he has played at is the Spanish second division. The jump from there to the Champions League is significant, making Tuchel's decision to exclude him understandable.

Also, thanks to a UEFA rule that states there must be eight players from youth ranks in the team, Merino probably got the short end of the stick here. He could have made the squad if they took someone more experienced out, but guys like Dzenis Burnic and David Sauerland had to be included in accordance with the rule.

Dortmund will be able to call up a maximum of three new players to the squad if they advance to the round of sixteen, as long as these players are not cup-tied.