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Bundesliga Fantasy: Supremely Sub-par

My Advice: Don’t waste your time

Borussia Dortmund v Real Madrid CF - UEFA Champions League Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Bongarts/Getty Images

For the first few weeks of the season, Fear the Wall ran an article called “Imaginary Report” to help players in Bundesliga Fantasy Soccer. Well, sadly, this article series will be short-lived.

Bundesliga Fantasy is one of the worst league set-ups I’ve ever seen. From the point-breakdown to the amount of players on a team, it’s poorly designed and takes a lot of fun out of the whole fantasy experience.

For starters, no limits on personnel is an astounding decision. For example, if I really wanted, I could have the entire Dortmund lineup as my fantasy starting XI. Fantasy is supposed to challenge users to make a team with players from around the league, not just one team. It might as well be called Fantasy Tuchel or Fantasy Ancelotti if that’s the case.

There should be a limit on the number of players from one team. Most league’s have it set at 3-4 players depending on the size of the fantasy rosters.

Another big gripe of mine is the points breakdown. Strikers only get three points for a goal. Really? That’s the same amount of points for an assist in all other leagues. Granted strikers score more, but that’s how you get points.

Losing players are also penalized, having -1 or -2 points subtracted from their total. This is a rather unfair scoring given that not every player on a given team is responsible for a loss, especially if that team isn’t awesome.

This leads to people picking all the same players from or a couple of the top teams in the league. And if all the teams have the same players, what’s the fun in that? There’s close scores and drama each week stemming from one uncommon player among two teams, not worth anyone’s time.

So whether you continue to play Bundesliga fantasy or not, at least know to expect a disorganized, poorly set-up league.