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Source close to Christian Pulisic: "50/50 chance" the American is loaned or sold by Dortmund this summer

The report comes from Sports Illustrated's Grant Wahl. Let's hope it's not true.

Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

UPDATE: Reports are coming in that Liverpool have made an £11 million offer for Pulisic. Personally don't think there is any chance we sell him for anything near that little, but there you go.

The Christian Pulisic transfer stories don't seem to be going away, and now they're coming from a few different sources.

Sports Illustrated's American soccer writer Grant Wahl is reporting that there is a "50/50 chance" that Pulisic is sold or loaned away from Borussia Dortmund this summer. The transfer window closes next week, but Wahl believes that a deal could very well happen before then.

A source close to U.S. 17-year-old Christian Pulisic says there's a 50-50 chance that Pulisic will be loaned or sold from Borussia Dortmund before next week's transfer deadline.

Pulisic was disappointed that Dortmund replaced one outgoing attacker with four new ones this summer (Andre Schurrle, Mario Gotze, Ousmane Dembele, Emre Mor), and he's worried about taking a step backward this season. Pulisic was offered a new contract by Dortmund earlier this year but turned it down and would not accept a new offer right now, either. A Stoke City source denied a report that it had offered €20 million for Pulisic, but I am told that newly promoted Bundesliga side Red Bull Leipzig is prepared to offer €15 million for him.

Pulisic's current contract runs for three more seasons with Dortmund, which is now saying he's not for sale at any price. But the remaining days before the transfer deadline could get interesting. Pulisic, who scored a pair of goals in Dortmund's preseason, will be in the 18-man roster for the club's Bundesliga opener against Mainz on Saturday.

Wahl is certainly connected in the US, where Pulisic obviously has a lot of ties, and this isn't an outrageous story. The report also confirms that Red Bull Leipzig are interested in the 17-year-old, but claims that Stoke City have said they made no bid for Pulisic, despite what was previously reported.

I think Stoke and Leipzig are both after Pulisic, but I'm not convinced that he wants to leave as badly as this report makes it seem. Especially if it's true that he's going to be in the 18-man roster for the opener against Mainz. Why would he want to leave then? He'll only just be turning 18 this September and surely can't be that unhappy with a bench role on the senior team.

There still have been no signs from Pulisic or the Club that he is about to depart. Let's hope it stays that way, and that he stays at the Westfalenstadion.