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Perfect Imperfections: Brazil beat Germany in Penalties

Emtionpur! I still can't put words to paper...

Team of Teams.
Team of Teams.
Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Host nation Brazil crowned their Olympic Games with a 5-4 win against the German team In a penalty shootout. The Olympic gold was the last title the selecau had failed to capture, making last nights events evermore dramatic.

Germany looked stronger in the first few minutes dominating the ball and preventing Brazil from playing their game. However, the first goal came in the 26th minute when Neymar used a free kick to firmly dip the ball just below the crossbar.

Brazil against Germany has always been a cracker, but last nights events more so. During a disappointing World Cup, Brazil lost to Germany 7-1 in the Maracanã stadium. Many saw last nights game as a chance to get their revenge for the home nation.

What we need to point out at this point is that not a single player who played for this country last night, stood on the field on the eve of the 8th of July 2014. Neymar was out injured after spinal injury in the game against Mexico and Ginter was benched. Adding to the fire, the Germany women's teams won their gold medal on Friday, rounding of the a brilliant career. The men wanted to do the same for their coach who as had an incredible career.

The game continued with Germany hitting the cross bar a total of three times in the first half. The first change cam in the 10th minute when Julian Brandt curled the ball from distance. Meyer's free kick took a deflection, brushing the metal and Sven Bender also hit the crossbar.

Brazil had plenty of opportunity as well, dominated the ball with fast counters and an extremely high press.

The second half continued in the electric Maracanã, as Max Meyer scored the equaliser to take the game into extra time. Silly mistakes and audaciously stupid skills gave both team a chance to counter and score great chances.

The game was ultimately decided by luck. It felt as though this was a well choreographed Hollywood movie. Everyone scored all their penalties except for Peterson. Neymar was up next, needing to score to win the game for his country. Taking his time he stares down Timo Horn, only to then whack it past him and win the game for the home nation.

What followed was a pool of tears from every Brazilian player and person.

To finish, Germany played a brilliant tournament, all things considering. The team got a late start to getting ready for the games, only meeting two days before the games started. Many players had to leave their clubs season preparations to join the national team, whereas the Brazilian league is in full swing right now.

And as the games come to a close, this seems a great way to end a good movie.