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Dortmund 0-2 Bayern: Missed Chances Come Back to Haunt Dortmund

Dortmund fall to Bayern 2-0, despite having the better opportunities throughout the game.

Oliver Hardt/Getty Images

Dortmund hosted league winners FC Bayern Munich in the DFL Supercup, but fell to the Bavarians by a 2-0 scoreline. The hosts had the majority of chances throughout the game, but Bayern grew more potent as the match drew on, and eventually found their two goals from Arturo Vidal and Thomas Muller.

The line-up from Thomas Tuchel was not surprising, as new signings Andre Schurrle and Mario Gotze aren't quite ready to start yet, while we saw Marc Bartra, Ousmane Dembele, and Sebastian Rode make their debuts in front of the Sudtribune.

Dortmund had quite a few standout performers in the first half, despite failing to convert one of their many scoring chances. The three debutants were especially good, including Sebastian Rode. The game seemed to be set up perfectly for him to be a midfield tank, bossing around Franck Ribery and Thomas Muller whenever he had the chance.

Our new Spanish center back Marc Bartra played multiple fabulous balls through the lines and over the defense, something he surely learned during his time at La Masia. It's early, but he seems to be developing into the perfect center back for Dortmund. He's got the ball playing talent similar to Hummels, but it's Bartra's speed and ability to get back into position after playing such beautiful passes that makes him all Dortmund fans could've asked for in a defender.

Oliver Hardt/Bongarts/Getty Images

However, both Kagawa and Aubameyang could not capitalize on their chances from Bartra's silky passes, and ultimately it was the missed chances that came back to really bite. A lot of the credit could go to Manuel Neuer here, but most of the blame falls on the shoulders of Dembele, Aubameyang, and Adrian Ramos. All three had countless superb chances to give Dortmund a lead in this game, but couldn't convert a single one. While it's certainly encouraging that they're in these positions to begin with, putting the ball in the back of the net has been somewhat of a challenge for Dortmund this preseason.

A big moment in the game occurred in the 28th minute, as Felix Passlack innocuously fouled Franck Ribery while battling for the ball. Ribery didn't take too kind to Passlack's physicality, and decided that since hitting someone in the face is only a yellow card, he may as well do it. The referee also awarded Passlack a yellow card for his involvement, as if it was his fault that he was socked in the face.

Passlack went on to have a superb game, and not for the first time this preseason. The teenager seems to be making a huge case for the starting right back spot, and honestly, he might be close to getting Tuchel's vote. Passlack isn't the biggest guy, but there's few players who can out-muscle him on the ball.

As Bayern grew in to the game, Dortmund had to call upon Roman Burki, who answered the calling marvelously. He denied Arturo Vidal's from point blank range, and it might just be better than that save he made on Vidal in last season's 0-0 draw. Bark's passing throughout the game was also sharp, and he seems to like playing against Bayern now that he's gotten that 5-1 loss out of his system from earlier last year.

Bayern took the lead in the 58th minute through Arturo Vidal, who converted the rebound after his initial shot was once again saved by Burki. Vidal was all alone on the edge of the box while Dortmund's attention was on Lewandowski and Muller. The lead was incredibly undeserved, and the Fox commentators certainly agreed, as Steffen Freund raved on about how he wished that Dortmund could've gotten the goal they deserved.

Dortmund continued to push on for an equalizer but did not find the same success they were experiencing in the first half. Bayern certainly got better as the game went on, as they tend to do. The second goal eventually came from Thomas Muller, who poked home a header from former Dortmunder Mats Hummels.

If we're judging this game on performance alone, Dortmund have a lot to be proud of. However, missed chances always come back to bite against Bayern, without fail. Perhaps the result would have been different if the referee had properly brandished a red card for Ribery, but Bayern get away with Bayern things. Dortmund have two more friendlies before the start of the season, including a game tomorrow against SV Sandhausen, where we'll likely see everyone who did not feature today.