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Vote Marco Reus for the FIFA 17 global cover!

Dortmund's star could find himself as FIFA 17 main's cover star

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Whether you live in the United States, the United Kingdom, or elsewhere, you've got to be pretty tired of the election season. Political referendums and ballots are dominating the news across the world, but the vote for the 2017 FIFA cover star is definitely more important. And a lot less stressful.

EA Sports revealed a little while ago that Dortmund's Marco Reus was one-of-four athletes on the cover of FIFA 2017, but those are apparently regional covers. Reus will certainly be on the cover of the German version of the game, but now it's our job to vote him onto the cover of the worldwide edition of FIFA.

Reus will have to beat-out three other attacking players for a spot on the front of the game. He's up against Manchester United's Anthony Martial, Chelsea's Eden Hazard, and Real Madrid's James Rodriguez.

Injuries meant that 2015/2016 wasn't Marco's best year in Dortmund, but he still deserves the spot over the other candidates. Hazard and James were poor last year, and Martial is just breaking through.

But despite all that, it would be cool just to have a Dortmund player on the cover. Especially one who is playing for his hometown club.

EA is also offering rewards in-game in FIFA 17 for those who cast their vote. Twenty votes will get you a FIFA Ultimate Team gold pack, but we all know that you never get anything good in those anyway.

You can vote for Marco on social media by using #FIFA17REUS.

VOTE OR DIE. Well not really, but it would be a nice thing to do because Marco is our boy.