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Aubameyang tweets clarification on Real Madrid comments

SPOILER ALERT: Auba isn't going anywhere right now

Johannes Simon/Getty Images

The Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to Real Madrid rumor is one that has surfaced quite a few times since the 27-year-old joined Dortmund and began having success. Auba has said in the past that he promised his Grandfather that he would play for Madrid one day.

Dortmund fans may have been slightly worried this week when Aubameyang was quoted as saying "Only Madrid can take me away from Dortmund." But with the amount of important players BVB have already lost this summer, and with the state of the striking corps in Madrid, this transfer isn't realistic at the moment.

But if you were worried, Auba's clarification on Twitter should soothe those fears.

Aubameyang is a stand-up guy. He is still polite even when he has a rightful case to be really angry at certain media outlets. And from the not-so-perfect English, you know he wrote this himself, not some PR guy.

#PatientlyWaiting. Like the 50 Cent song?

It turns out the quote was originally made in an interview with ZBF. The quote was cut-short by some outlets, leaving out the crucial "but not now". This is not the plea of a player trying to leave, like some shady news outlets desperately want it to be.

Sure Auba won't stay at Dortmund forever, but there's no chance he's going anywhere before next summer. And who knows, maybe not even then.