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Watzke: "Dortmund Not Buying Any New Players"

it was fun while it lasted

Christof Koepsel/Getty Images

CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke has told Bild that BVB will be buying no more players this transfer window. After buying a total of 9 players this window, Watzke and Zorc seem to be happy with their current lineup. With reports that our current dealings this year put us in a negative net spend, Watzke doesn't want to put the team in anymore of a financially unstable situation. More specifically Watzke stated that "we already have too many players" and that "We can't afford to do anything more than not getting into debts and make sure that we're financially stable".

While bringing in tons of new players is fun and exciting, we don't really have many holes to fill any more. Dembele,Mor and Schurrle are all replacements for Mkhi, Rode and Merino are replacements for Ilkay, and Bartra is a direct replacement for Hummels. It seems our roster for the upcoming season will be very deep. and with our history of injury issues, that's a very good thing.