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Possible Suitors for Neven Subotic

Lars Baron/Getty Images

This past weekend, Neven Subotic announced, via Facebook, that he was leaving Borussia Dortmund this summer. There had been some interest in Subotic from other European clubs like Besiktas, Hamburg, and Liverpool.

Since his announcement, interest in Subotic has peaked, with multiple clubs interested in signing the Serbian center-back. Two English clubs - Sunderland and Stoke City - and three Bundesliga teams - Eintracht Frankfurt, FC Koln, and Werder Bremen - are still in contention to sign Subotic.

Two questions remain: What is the best deal for BVB? And which club would Subotic fit with best?

BVB will try to maximize their profit for Subotic, despite the Serb falling out of favor this year. There is no question of whether Subotic is talented, he just didn’t fit into Thomas Tuchel’s system at Dortmund.

With Subotic’s selling price running from around 7-11 million euros, it won’t be a huge profit, but enough to be help fund additional moves for youthful talent.

Clubs like Stoke City, Werder Bremen, and Eintracht Frankfurt could bid on the higher spectrum while Sunderland and Koln would only be able to afford the minimum. Regardless of how much Subotic fetches on the transfer market, Dortmund will look to get the best possible price for the Sebian.

As for where the best fit would be, it looks like Subotic will try to stay in Germany. FC Koln has shown the most interest of any club in the race and might be the perfect destination for Subotic.

FC Koln features a talented crew of defenders including Jonas Hector and Mergim Mavraj. With only seven defenders on the active roster, Koln need depth at this position in order to contend for the title or even a shot at European competition.

In addition, fellow Serbians Filip Mladenovic and Milos Jojic - formerly of Dortmund - also play for Koln. Subotic would not only add depth at defense but a unique style and experience. Playing under the tutelage of both Jurgen Klopp and Thomas Tuchel, Subotic has learned how to play top-level defense and can offer a lot to the system at Koln.

Koln lineup concept with Subotic:

If he chooses to leave Germany, Subotic could end up at Sunderland. The Wear-side club has stuggled defensively for years. The Black Cats have already made one key acquisition this summer, acquiring former-Bayern defender Jan Kirchhoff.

Subotic would start at Sunderland, but might have to compete for his role at Koln. At Sunderland, Subotic would also be one of the key pieces to a team that could finally be able to vie for a top ten spot with a new and improved defense.

Sunderland lineup concept with Subotic:

So wherever Subotic ends up, we wish him the best of luck in his endeavors.