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Dortmund’s 2016/2017 away kit has leaked

Are Dortmund back in black?

The folks at Footy Headlines, who have been known to leak BVB related kit info before, are back at it Tuesday, this time with leaked photos of Dortmund’s away outfit for next season.

If they are to be believed (and they’ve been accurate in the past), BVB’s second kit will again be black but this time there will be a twist. Instead of thin, vertical stripes as in last year’s jersey, the new version will have thicker, horizontal yellow stripes and interchanges mixed in with black and grey hoops. The familiar “Dortmund” print will feature on the backside of the jersey.

To finish off the ensemble, the players will wear both black shorts and socks, which should make for a classy, all-black look.

I’m no fashionista but this new look seems to be an upgrade from the solid, if unspectacular, away kits Puma has come up with the past several season.

We’ve known the look of the home kits for some time now, as Dortmund wore them in the Pokal final against Bayern a few weeks back. The monochromatic look appears to be a theme with Puma this year, as those jerseys will be all-yellow.

What do you think of the (alleged) away kits? Post away in the comments below.