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Are these Dortmund’s new Champions League kits?

Footy Headlines have leaked Borussia Dortmund's (potential) new Champions League kit.

The new Puma kits will be used exclusively for the Champions League in 2016/ 17 and are (obviously) black and yellow.

The neck is round and collarless, making it seem a bit like a t-shirt. It is mostly yellow, with patterned black detailing in the sleeves and hem, as well as a black patch in the armpit. It looks a bit like last year's training kit.

The BVB logo is on the right shoulder at the front, while there is a black "Dortmund" at the back in the new Puma font. We don't know how the sponsor logos will be placed yet.

The new CL kit will be unveiled in July.

I'm personally not too sold on the new CL kit, but maybe it will look better when actually worn by the players. The new home and away kits definitely looked much better when worn by the team.