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Mkhitaryan being pursued heavily by Manchester United

The Armenian is wanted at Old Trafford

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

With Mkhitaryan's contract negotiations with the Dortmund going nowhere (see below lol), there are lots of rumors swirling around about where he may go next.

After rejecting a £19.3 mil offer, Manchester United have supposedly now offered £26 million to BVB for Mhki, according to the Daily Mail. In Euros that's 34 million, and a profit on his original transfer fee of 28 million. While that would be a good transfer fee for a player with one year left on his contract, it's going to be hard to let Mkhitaryan go.

As a football fan it would eventually be amazing to watch him, Zlatan and Pogba all playing together at Manchester United, if those deals all go through. But it's definitely still going to really hurt to see him leave. At least Mhki won't be leaving the fans with bad blood by moving to a rival, like other players who won't be named.

One can't fault him for going to a more competitive league (even if United won't be in Champions League) and getting a MUCH larger paycheck. He didn't come through our academy and was disliked by fans in his first two years at the club, so we have no reason to scream "TRAITOR!". He was our best player this year and for that we will miss him. If this is truly goodbye, Good luck chess master!!!!!