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Christian Pulisic comes on for the USMNT against Argentina


Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Many thought that Christian Pulisic could start for a suspension depleted US team against Argentina. He didn't start, but he's now come into these Copa America semifinals at halftime.

The USMNT found themselves down 2-0 at halftime, and coach Jurgen Klinsmann put Pulisic on with hopes that he could possibly change the game. The Hershey, PA native came in for Chris Wondolowski. Argentina overwhelmed the Americans the whole game, and Pulisic never really got a chance to impress. He had a few good touches, but also got bodied off the bar by some of the bigger Argentinian players.

No matter how he played, it's impressive that a 17-year-old is playing on such a big stage for the USA. At the start of this year, Pulisic was playing for Dortmund's reserve team, now he's playing against the likes of Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero.

This kid is something special. If he scores, we at Fear The Wall may just completely lose our minds. If he nutmegs Messi, Pulisic should be the one voted into the oval office in November.