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3 Questions on Sebastian Rode With Bavarian Football Works

Lars Baron/Getty Images

A lot of fans are wondering about our new signing Sebastian Rode and how he'll fit into our plans.We asked Phillip Quinn at Bavarian Football Works a few questions about their former midfielder.

FTW: Why did Rode have trouble breaking into the starting XI this year at Bayern? Was it simply Bayens dearth of talent or were there other issues at hand?

PQ: Rode's biggest problem at Bayern during the 2015-16 season was the fact that he just wasn't good enough to break into the starting eleven. However, it definitely didn't help his cause that he was suffering from some niggling injuries to start the season and had to spend a lot of time on the bench. Still, it was always going to be hard for Rode to get consistent minutes at bayern with midfielders like Thiago Alcantara, Xabi Alonso, Arturo Vidal, and Joshua Kimmich ahead of him.

FTW: What is Rode's most valuable asset?

PQ:: The one thing that Rode brings to the table that is so valuable is his motor. When he's on the field, "effort" (as silly as it is) is never in question. Rode will run through a brick wall for his teammates in order to help them achieve their goals. It may seem like a minor thing, but partnering Rode's motor with another player's creativity in the midfield can bode well for any team.

FTW: Do you think he'll be able to fit into Tuchel's pressing style football?

PQ: If Rode is partnered with a more creative player in the midfield, he fits perfectly into Tuchel's pressing style. Rode's ability to hurry the opposition to quickly win back possession is an invaluable quality that will earn him plenty of minutes in Dortmund.