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BVB Releases Full Friendly Schedule For Summer


Adam Pretty/Getty Images

Dortmund have released their schedule for  friendlies this summer. We already knew about our games against 1860 Munich, Manchester City and Manchester United. The teams that have been added to that schedule are Sunderland, Athletic Bilbao, Wuppertaler SV(4th division),Spvgg Erkenschwick(5th division), SV Sandhausen(2.Bundesliga), and Hallescher FC (3.liga). Best part about this announcement is that we are three weeks away from a BVB game. yaaay.


8:07:16 1 PM EST Spvgg Erkenschwick - BVB Stadium on Stimberg Germany
9:07:16 Wuppertaler SV - BVB Stadion am Zoo Germany
14:07:16 1 PM EST Test Match in planning Brixen im Thale Austria
16:07:16 11 AM EST TSV 1860 München - BVB Stadium Grünwalder road Germany
22:07:16 8 AM EST Manchester United - BVB Shanghai China
28/7/16 7:30 AM EST Manchester City - BVB Shenzhen China
5:08:16 1 PM EST Sunderland AFC - BVB Cashpoint Arena Altach Austria
9:08:16 12:45 PM EST Athletic Bilbao - BVB AFG Arena St. Gallen Switzerland
15:08:16 12:30 PM EST SV Sandhausen - BVB Hardtwaldstadion Sandhausen Germany
21 o. 22:08:16 12:30 PM EST Hallescher FC - BVB Erdgas Sportpark Halle Germany