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Aubameyang Named Bundesliga Player of the Year

Adam Pretty/Getty Images

Our very own Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has won the Bundesliga Player of The Year Award. This particular POTY award is voted on by all of the other players in the Bundesliga. Aubameyang had himself a great year scoring 25 goals in all competitions.

Aubameyang is making history with this award as he is the first African to ever win the award. Also notably he finished just .2% in the vote over Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich. Guess the players thought that Auba played better then the top scorer in the league. Probably just because he's so handsome. Also his goals are better.

With small rumors the Gabonese striker will be leaving Dortmund this year, maybe some recognition from his peers will convince him Germany is home.  Or maybe that's too much to hope