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Borussia Dortmund Draw SV Eintracht Tier in DFB Pokal

yay new season

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Borussia Dortmund will be playing fourth division side SV Eintracht Tier in the first round of the DFB Pokal. As is tradition for the first round, we will play away at the Moselstadion. The fixture will be between August 19-22. The team made it into the 2. Bundesliga in 2002, but slid out a few year later. Now they play in the Regionalliga Sudwest where they havent had much luck trying to work out of the 4th division. After a disappointing loss in the DFB final last season, it will be good for the team to put it past them in what should be an easy win. Also a game against weaker competion will give us a chance to see some of the younger pickups we've had this summer like Emre Mor and Raphaël Guerreiro.