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Minnesota Vikings Player Reps BVB in Rock Paper Scissors Battle.

Guess we know who's winning Superbowl MVP next year

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

All teams like a little locker room antics no matter the sport. The Minnesota Vikings decided to pass the time in the offseason with a little rock paper scissors contest. Now why is a BVB website writing about a duel between a few American Football players? Well WR Cordarrelle Patterson was repping the black and yellow in this battle. And although he ended up losing to QB Teddy Bridgewater, we all know who the real winner is. Looks like we know who's winning Superbowl MVP next year. That is if he isn't cut from the team over the summer like some may think he will be. Maybe BVB is willing to offer him a position on our club Rock paper scissors team. Also what a nice dress isn't a great translation by the BVB staff there.