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Christian Pulisic really really really wants Justin Bieber tickets

Dortmund's American youngster has appealed directly to Bieber on Twitter.

Adam Pretty/Getty Images

Justin Bieber is heading to Europe later this year as part of his ongoing world tour. While he's not everyone's musical cup of tea, he's an international superstar. His concerts are a hot, and expensive, ticket these days. Apparently, too hot for Christian Pulisic.

Dortmund's 17-year-old sensation took to Twitter in an effort to make a deal for those coveted tickets.

Tickets for tickets, seems like a fair deal. There aren't too many screaming teenage girls at Dortmund games, so that would probably be a nice break from the usual for Biebs.

Bieber has claimed at times to be a soccer fan, but he's hardly loyal to one club. He's trained at Stamford Bridge with Chelsea, and has often been seen wearing an Everton kit. He'll probably turn up on Instagram in an Arsenal kit before the year is up.

Pulisic only has 25,000 Twitter followers, and Bieber has over 81 million. It's not likely that this will even be seen by the Canadian (yes he's Canadian, not American, crucial detail) pop star. Maybe we can help?

Can we "hook it up" for Pulisic? If any of our readers in Germany somehow have a spare ticket to this concert, or were thinking about going, you should invite Pulisic. Who knows, maybe you guys can go together, bond over Bieber's music, and become friends.

But also Christian you should just buy a ticket!! They're expensive, but still only around $220 dollars on various ticket resale sites. A new contract should be coming down the road for Pulisic after he surprisingly broken into the Dortmund senior team this season. He deserves to live a little.

Can the Dortmund higher-ups give Pulisic a raise so he can go see Justin Bieber? I don't even like the guys music, but this is about the future of the club. We need to keep the talent happy.