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Ilkay Gündogan Out For Season And Euros With Leg Injury


Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

BVB announced today that Ilkay Gündogan is out for the rest of the season and Euro 2016 with a knee injury. Ilkay has found trouble getting into the squad recently with a few knocks, but this injury will surely leave him out till the start of next season. With  plenty of rumors stating Ilkay was going to leave this summer, one has to wonder if this injury will stop him from leaving BVB for another year. While injury is never ideal for any athlete, BVB or otherwise, maybe having Ilkay for another year will be a good thing for him and the team. But after missing the 2014 World Cup, missing Euros has to be a real bummer for the german star. Hopefully he comes back stronger then ever, and gets to play for Germany in another major tournament.