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Euro 2016: Weigl is going to France

"Die Mannschaft" is now complete

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

In an interesting turn of events, Jogi Löw announced that Julian Weigl will be playing with the eagle on his chest in the upcoming Euro in France. Many were expecting the youngster to get cut from the squad today, making room for more seasoned players such as Reus and Schweinsteiger.

However, apparently Jogi liked what he saw from the youngster throught out the season. It makes sense; He had an amazing season in which he completed 90% of his passes, setting a new Bundesliga record at the tender age of 20. For those that have not yet discovered his amazing talent, here's a quick video on what this young lad can do:

Weigl celebrated his debut for the national team last Sunday, in a test game against Slovenia. Though the Germans lost 3-1, Weigl came on as a second half sub. It was hard for him to fully show viewers what he is capable off, given the pitch had become more of a swimming pool than anything else, making Germany's beloved passing-game nearly impossible. However, he still showed his quality and apparently it was enough to make the final Euro Squad!

It would be impossible for me to mention his call up and not mention the fact that Reus was cut from the squad, again.

Congratulations Weigl!! We look forward to seeing you in the white jersey.