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Julian Weigl Makes His German National Team Debut

Yay Julian

Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images

Germany played Slovakia today as Die Mannschaft prepare for Euro 2016 this summer. Even though the pitch became more of a pool than a pitch by the start of the second half, the game carried on. The most notable part of this game however wasn't the flooded pitch, but the German National Team debut of BVB star Julian Weigl.

After having a standout debut season for the Black and Yellows, where the youngster completed more then 90% of all his passes and set several Bundesliga passing records, a call-up to play for the defending world champions is more then deserved. As regulars like Bastian Schweinsteiger start to age out of the squad, youngsters like Julian Weigl need to take up the claim as Germany prepares to make an impact in Euro 2016.