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Euro 2016: Match Thread and How to Watch: Germany vs. Slovakia

Leave us your thoughts below.

That way. Put the ball in that net.
That way. Put the ball in that net.
Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images


Time: 11.45AM, 29th May 2016

Place: TBD

Competition: Friendly


Match Thread Rules:

Absolutely no illegal streams. We listed legal means for you guys to watch the game. We would like to avoid having someone threaten legal action and therefore we hope you guys understand and abide by this rule.

Be critical, but not offensive. We're all tolerant people; we all get frustrated at a bad call the ref makes or some foul that the opposing team makes. We encourage you to post your thoughts, just think them through before posting them. Keep things PG-13.

Especially since some of our players will be playing amongst other team players, try to stay objective and not criticize them simply for being of a rival, unless it's Schalke, then by all means have fun with it.

No abusing of other commentators or match officials. None whatsoever. Zero. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Verboten, Verboten, Verboten!! We're all fans, bear that in mind. That's none at all, okay?

Express yourself how you normally would. We allow for profanity (within reason), but any sexist, racist and/or homophobic comments and replies will result in immediate blocking and banning of future participation on FTW.

Finally, have fun. Remember, #EchteLiebe and #DieMannschaft

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