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Why is Dortmund in the market for a keeper?

With five first team goalkeepers, something seems mysterious about this

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

There have been questions surrounding the possible departure of multiple Dortmund players. Will Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang leave Dortmund? Is Henrikh Mkhitaryan going to stay? Mats Hummels left, will Sokratis follow?

Almost every position has been under some sort of transfer scrutiny so far this off-season. Every position except the goalkeeper.

With Roman Burki, Roman Weidenfeller, and Hendrik Bonmann already established as first team keepers and both Dominik Reimann and Jan Reckert waiting in the wings, it's difficult to explain why Dortmund is looking to add another keeper.

It simply doesn't make any sense. Burki is an established starter and the backup Weidenfeller signed a one-year extension through June 2017. So why would BVB be in the market for a keeper.

Well, first let's take a look at who is being linked with a move to Dortmund. Over the past couple weeks, two names have emerged as possible candidates to be Dortmund keeper: Timo Horn of FC Koln and Anton Mitryushkin of Swiss club FC Sion.

Horn led Cologne to a top 10 finish in the Bundesliga and started 33 of the 34 Bundesliga matches this season. Mitryushkin took over the starting job late in the season and helped lead his Sion side to a fifth-place finish in a competitive Swiss Super League last season, conceding a third best 49 goals in only 36 matches.

Horn and Mitryushkin have been monitored by Dortmund scouts in recent weeks, and have impressed enough to draw interest from the club.

So with these two keepers rumored to be switching to Dortmund, let's explore possible reasons why, and there are three that come to mind.

Options for Weidenfeller replacements after next season?

With Weidenfeller signed for one more season, there is currently no need for a backup keeper. Even Bonmann eliminates the need for a third keeper on the roster. But after next season, when Weidenfeller will likely retire, a new keeper will need to be acquired.

Someone like Anton Mitryushkin could be a valuable depth player and earned experience playing at the top flight. However, Horn is more accustomed to playing in the Bundesliga and has proven to be a solid keeper. He seems like the more obvious option for Dortmund in goal, and could end up taking the starting job if he arrives here.

No trust in Roman Burki?

Essentially continuing the argument for Timo Horn, Burki was very good this past season, but there were times when his positioning and reading on shots left a lot to be desired. Don't get me wrong, I like Burki and I feel he is a solid number one keeper; But can he continuously produce at a high level every year?

This is where the Dortmund brain-trust disagrees. It seems as if they are looking not only to replace Weidenfeller, but to find another starter to slot in for Buerki after this season. Horn, most certainly, fits the criteria but another year of top flight football and Mitryushkin could be an even bigger possibility.


Who says it has to be one or the other? Dortmund may even be looking to sign both Mitryushkin and Horn in order to add depth to their goalkeeping force. With Weidenfeller gone after this year, Dortmund may sell or may not resign Bonmann in June 2018 to make space for either Horn or Mitryushkin. It would lead to a

It doesn't appear as if Bonmann will be earning first team minutes anytime soon, so another possibility may be to loan out Bonmann and sign Mitryushkin as third-string and heir-apparent keeper.

What will happen?

So, whether it's at the expense of Bonmann, Weidenfeller, or even Burki, it appears as if Dortmund is fixated on securing another goalie over the course of the next season. The news about Horn and Mitryushkin is all currently just rumors and nothing official has been announced.

However, Dortmund targeting a keeper is truly unusual, and it is obvious that Thomas Tuchel has something up his sleeve.