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Thank You From Fear The Wall

We on an ultralight beam

Hi everyone,

Fear The Wall has been around for  5 months now, and it's been a hell of a ride from the start. When we first started planning this site in November, I could not of dreamed that it could have take flight like it has. From  building a community of commenters to amassing 1,200 followers on twitter, we've surpassed all of our goals for this season.

I'd like to thank the FTW staff, Dan Shulman, Alex Greenberg, Marco Lange, Angelo Sylvester, Adam Snavely, and Mark Chadwick for helping make this site what it is. I'd also like to thank Jeremiah Oshan for giving us the opportunity to make this site what it is. I'd also like to thank all of our fanposters, commenters and readers for supporting us as we continue to bring english language news to the best fans on Earth.

We have a lot planned for this summer and we thank you for the continued support. Heja BVB and echte liebe

-Brian Meyers, Managing Editor