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What BVB Needs To Do To Win the Title

It doesn't look good.

Adam Pretty/Getty Images

Here at FTW we've written off our chances at the title for a few weeks now, but theres always hope. Making up points behind Bayern Munich, who are at their best form in years, is no easy task. As it stands right now, we are 5 points behind the team from Bavaria with two games to go. In order to win the title we are going to have to win our last two games against Frankfurt and Cologne, while Bayern have to lose their games against Ingolstadt and Hannover. If Bayern tie one of those games and loses the other, we'd be able to beat them on GD, if we made up an 11 GD - so it's all still to play for at that point.

So yeah, not much of a chance of taking down the Bavarian giants this year in the Bundesliga. We can still, however,beat them in the Pokal final later this month, which would be sweet, if they made the Champions league finals since we are the kings of ruining trebles. Even if we don't win the Pokal, if we win our last two games we do set our highest ever point total in the Bundesliga, an impressive feat for TTs first year. That may be bittersweet, as we don't end up taking home any silverware, but definitely a good look for the future of BVB and the Tuchel era.