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Dortmund Classics: Besting Bayern in '96

Watch BVB score some stunning goals at a rowdy '90s Westfalenstadion

Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images

Saturday's German Cup Final is on everybody's mind, but the reality is the season is coming to a close. That really sucks. Watching Dortmund every week is necessary to keep some of us sane.

To help ease the pain of the slow summer, and its stream of crazy transfer rumors, we thought it a good idea to take a dig into the exclusive Fear The Wall video vault to enjoy some great games and moments of the past. The exclusive video vault is really just YouTube, but we're happy just giving you a reason to learn, or relive, some of the great history of this club.

This clip from the 1995/1996 Bundesliga season is a great reminder that Dortmund teams of the past were also capable of ruthlessly skillful attacks.

Stefan Reuter opened the scoring with a penalty, but Dortmund's second and third goals are the real meat on the bone here.

Ruben Sosa only played one season for BVB, but he made a memorable impact in the 79th minute. A free kick was played short and the Uruguayan forward smashed a ball into the top corner. The goal sent the Westfalenstadion into some really raucous celebrations.

Dortmund legend Michael Zorc sealed the game in an emphatic fashion when he somehow managed to hit a ball harder than Sosa had. The long ball from Matthias Sammer to play him in is the stuff of legends. As is Sammer's celebration after the first goal.

The win was significant as Ottmar Hitzfeld's Dortmund team went on to win their second Bundesliga title.

Enjoy an exciting moment in our history, and definitely look forward to more Dortmund Classics during the dog days of summer.