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Dortmund vs Koln Match Review and Highlights

We tie it up late to end the season.

Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images

Last game of the season is in the books as BVB ties Köln 2-2 at home. The two Köln goals came from Anthony Modeste(27') and ex-BVB man Milos Jojic(43'). The two BVB goals were from Gonzalo Castro(11') and Marco Reus(75'). Dortmund finish the season with 78 points.

The first half was classic BVB as we dominated the ball for most of the half with plenty of chances. The first goal of the game came from Castro as he scored an absolute stunner from outside the box. From then on BVB controlled the game, until we gave up a counter attack goal to Anthony Modeste, the 90' goal scorer in our last game against Köln. Playing a back three may have been a little overconfident decision from TT after getting beat by Köln already this season, and we definitely paid for it. Another counter goal came in the 43rd when former BVB player Milos Jojic chipped Burki to put the away side up 2-1.

The second half began with TT going back to a back four and Ginter coming on for Bender. We had control again in the second half but failed to create many meaningful chances. The goal that tied the game was probably the biggest surprise of the game as Marco Reus scored Dortmund's first goal off a free kick since 2013. BVB has been a great scoring team this year, but this is something that has evaded us and it's nice to see that when it matters we can still get one of these every once in a bit. The rest of the game went the same way for BVB, control and chances but no finishing.

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After our Pokal Final against Bayern we'll have much more content reviewing the season. Stay tuned!