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Mats Hummels Is Leaving Borussia Dortmund in The Summer

We all knew this was coming

Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images

BVB and Bayern Munich have come to an agreement to send our former captain Mats Hummels to Munich pending a medical. In a statement from Hummels himself he said "I was always proud and still am, to wear the BVB jersey and to be part of this exceptional team. Before I return to my hometown in the summer, we have a large, common goal: once again bring the DFB Cup to Dortmund and to celebrate with the BVB fans. For that I will give everything just like my teammates. " It's hard to actually imagine that he will play in the Pokal now that he's apart of the other team. While the transfer isn't technically complete until July 1st, we should not be expecting him to pull a Deandre Jordan and pull out at the last moment to stay with his friends. Hummels time with the club is over now, time to find a replacement.