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Underwhelming and Disappointing: the Erik Durm Saga rages on

Lars Baron/Getty Images

Widely considered to be the X-factor that Borussia Dortmund needed to reach the summit of the Bundesliga, Erik Durm has been terribly disappointing this season.

Thursday's Europa League clash was the breaking point. Durm, who started opposite Marco Reus at right winger. Durm was especially uncreative and lacked motivation to press forward. The Dortmund offense, at times, seemed dormant as Durm was unable to penetrate Liverpool's defense.

However, it is rather improbable that Durm will be cut from the team given his versatility and prowess. Converted from striker to defender, Durm has been playing all positions (except goalkeeper) this season and is a valuable piece in Thomas Tuchel's tactics.

Unfortunately, Durm is not working out. Against Liverpool, he was invisible and had little to no effect on the match. Against Bremen, he was offensively inept and taking unnecessary attempts on goal. After exiting the match with BVB behind 2-1, Shinji Kagawa replaced Durm and immediately found a way through Bremen to score.

Erik Durm is a talented, young player who has struggled to fit in Tuchel's system. This past week has proven that he doesn't belong in a starting role. Players like Shinji Kagawa, Nuri Sahin, or Christian Pulisic deserve the starting job over Durm. Even little-used Moritz Leitner could be a better fit than Durm.

Regardless of his fate, it is clear that Durm is struggling at right wing and maybe a move into a more defensive posture could better suit his talent.