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Has Christian Pulisic Cemented Himself as a First-Team Player

Let's hope so!

Lars Baron/Getty Images

In football young players gets lots of hype. Especially in the United States where fans of the national team yearn for a star that will launch them high in the FIFA world rankings.

Christian Pulisic has gotten tons of hype from both the German and American media since making his debut for Borussia Dortmund earlier this year. As unfair as it may be to put huge expectations on someones who's still just a kid (sorry Freddy Adu), Thomas Tuchel has been giving the youngster more and more playing time for the first team.

When he first came on agaist FC Ingolstadt on January 30, it seemed more as a show of support for the youngster after playing very well for the U-19s. Most people thought that would be it and he would go back to the U-19s for the most part.

And that he did. He's played for the U19's plenty since his first sub. But TT has also brought him up quite a bit as well.He's now played in Europe and the league multiple times as a sub and once even as a starter.

In our last few games he's been on the bench regularly, coming on against Werder Bremen, Liverpool and Tottenham. Although TT originally stated he wanted Pulisic on the the U19s to get more minutes, Christian has proved to be a constant threat off the bench for BVB in the last month. And while he hasn't scored a goal for the first team yet, it will hopefully come soon (if it's against Schalke, he'd get his name in the history books).

So is Christian Pulisic the hero that will save US soccer and bring 10 UCL titles to BVB?

Probably not. And we should stop treating him in that way. TT and the rest of the staff have a plan for the young man and will help him along in his own time. While we may be guilty of hopping on the Pulsic bandwagon (tweets below), honestly we wouldn't even be angry if he was on the U-19s the rest of the year because he'd still be playing two years up. And if he does stay on the first team for the rest of the year, then it only means he's growing faster then TT expects him too.