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Player Ratings: Dortmund vs. Liverpool

Which players shined? Which players faltered? Our take on their performances as well as the opportunity for fans to vote.

Hummel smashes it into the goal
Hummel smashes it into the goal
Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Weidenfeller 11: He is the reason we did not lose today. Three incredible saves in the span of 30 seconds. Consistent throughout the entire game, very few lapses in judgement. Weidenfeller had a little knock with Lovren, but after a bit of water and a changed shirt he got back into the game and boy did this man perform. I have never seen him move so fast in my entire life and that made me really happy. He put everything he had into this game.

Piszczek 7: Did well enough.

Bender 6: I did not really see much from him today.

Hummel 9: Scored the equalizer right after the half. He managed to sneak up on the Liverpool defense and knock it into the back of the nett with his beautiful head, thanks Head and Shoulders.

Schmelzer 8: Schmelle went forward at every opportunity. Was not shy from taking on defenders and sneaking his way past them. Looked a little lazy when Liverpool scored, but otherwise did well.

Weigl 8: Managed to take on three Liverpool players and still pass the ball to Castro.

Durm 6: You'll see what we have to say about him tomorrow.

Mkhitaryan 7: Great runs forward. Managed to outsmart the Liverpool defense a few times and get in behind them.

Castro 8: That hair cut must have really made a difference. He's been solid the last few games with lots of good tackles, passes (especially from standards) and even more surprisingly, quick feet.

Reus 8: Good passing. Did good at finding key players who were on runs.

Aubameyang 8: I thought the free kick was in.


Sahin 6: Seemed to have brought about new life with him. Decently done.

Pulisic 6: Looked to continue his rapid rise. He's become a favorite sub for TT after proving his worth in the winter training camp. Had one attacking move forward in which he collided with Mingolet, but otherwise was not a threat.

Sokratis 6: Why did he not start? Did I miss something? Why was he a sub?? A late tackle on Origi bought him a yellow card. That's about all I have on him.

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