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Liverpool Legends Recall Dortmund's First European Final

But we won that one just like we will win this one

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

We won our first European Cup in 1966 when we played Liverpool in the final on a rainy day in Glasgow. A huge triumph for BVB as we were the first German team to win a European title. As the Liverpool legends put it, they thought they were going to win the match, and most people agreed. German soccer was not respected in the 60s, and even through BVB won over Atletico Madrid and West Ham to get to the final, we still could not convince the critics. We scored first during that match, with a Sigfred Held volley. Liverpool came back quickly though, as Ian Callaghan describes it, Peter Thompson ran down the field taking on multiple players before passing to Roger Hunt who scored the equalizer. The game then went into overtime, were BVB scored the final goal. Ian St. John describes the goal as "extremely unlucky" as the ball bounced off the post then off a player into the net to secure the game. Well BVB may have won with a little luck, but it's Liverpool who will need the luck this time around.