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Dortmund fans boo Mats Hummels throughout Wolfsburg match

Hummels was public enemy #1 at the Westfalenstadion after his transfer request

Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images

Mats Hummels knew this was coming. His request this week to transfer from Dortmund to Bayern Munich resulted in him hearing nothing but boos and whistles from the fans at the Westfalenstadion.

Dortmund won the match with Wolfsburg 5-1, but every time Hummels came onto the ball he heard it from the BVB faithful.

Credit to /u/marcioo on reddit!


The jeers were relentless throughout the game for Hummels, who has spent eight years at the Westfalenstadion. There was also a banner unfurled pre-match, by supporters on the Yellow Wall, urging "The Captain" to leave as soon as possible.

Hummels' probable move to Bayern has brought drama to what was looking like a relatively quiet end to the Bundesliga season. Still to come is the German Cup Final on May 21st against the very team Mats is dying to join.

If you were Thomas Tuchel, would you start Hummels against Bayern in the final?