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Dortmund Secure 2nd Place On The Season


Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

With our victory against Werder Bremen and Hertha's loss against BMG we have guaranteed getting at least second place this season. This weekends results guarantees a place in next year's Champions league as well. After last seasons disastrous campaign, getting 2nd this year should feel good. But this may end up being the highest point total BVB has ever gotten in a season, so it does kind of sting that we may not win as well. It would take continued perfection from us and a collapse of Bayern to beat the five point gap they currently have. Maybe second place will sting a little, but at least we have the chance this upcoming weekend to make it more difficult for Schalke 04 (AKA team that hasn't won the league in decades) to make the the top four. They don't deserve Champions league anyways. Also, we still are in the running for The Pokal and our first ever Europa League title. So let's count our blessings and see the boys throughout the season.