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Dortmund Extend with Marcel Schmelzer Until 2021

Another BVB star locked down.

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Dortmund have announced that they have resigned Marcel Schmelzer until 2021. Schmelle has been with the club since 2005, where he came in as an academy player. Since then, he has made 194 appearances for the first team.

With him already coming up on his 200th appearance, he'll probably finish his career with us and firmly cement his spot in the BVB top 20 appearance list.

While he may never score goals for the Black and Yellows, he has been such an important piece for Dortmund throughout the Klopp era. Under Tuchel he has found regular playing time as well, already making more appearances for the team then he did the past two years.

Let's just hope, that Mr. Low gives him the national team playing time he deserves this summer at Euro 2016.