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Fear The Listicle: Five reasons Shinji Kagawa is the best follow on Instagram

In order to love yourself, you must first love Shinji

Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images

After yesterday's cup win against Hertha Berlin, there really isn't much going on before the final on May 21st. The Bundesliga is a good opportunity for players like Christian Pulisic to impress for next season, but we know a second-placed finish is nailed on.

Luckily for you I've discovered a cure for the contagious impatience that is ravaging Dortmund fans before the German Cup final with Bayern; Shinji Kagawa's Instagram account. So here's a good old fashioned listicle to help shorten the time until meaningful BVB games, with meaningful Kagawa Instagrams.

今日のドルトムントは天気がいいです。 ちょっと風がつよいですが。

A photo posted by Shinji Kagawa 香川真司 (@shinji23_10) on

Translation from Japanese: "Of today Dortmund is nice weather. But is a little wind is strong."

Shout out to Google for the horrible translation, but I think we get the point. Shinji is bragging a bit here. He's complaining about how strong the wind was, but at the same time he's showing off an immaculate parting of his hair. How did he keep that together in the notoriously strong Dortmund winds?

Had to screenshot this one to make a necessary alteration. Two legends arm-in-arm. Let's just hope Shinji didn't pick up any habits from Maradona during their brief meeting.

Thanks for your support! 応援ありがとう #sk23 #dortmund #bvb #dfbpokal #final

A video posted by Shinji Kagawa 香川真司 (@shinji23_10) on

I'll be honest I have no idea what he is saying. If anyone does, letting us know in the comments would be awesome. He put this up only yesterday after the semi-final win over Berlin. It's probably the closest any of us will ever be to being in bed with Shinji. Also can someone tell this guy to make a Snapchat?

That time Adrian Ramos caressed Kagawa. Shinji had just opened the scoring against Schalke in the Revierderby, plenty of reason for excitement. We know the game ended in disappointment, but we at least got to see just how Ramos feels about Kagawa. When Tuchel is handing out the 2015-2016 season superlatives he'll surely give them best couple.

@alexanderbuttner @carras16 KING KAZU I nominate you! #supportcharity #icebucketchallenge

A video posted by Shinji Kagawa 香川真司 (@shinji23_10) on

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? During his vacation in Manchester our Japanese hero made sure to do his part for charity. The scream at the end just brings it all home.

We love you Shinji.