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"Milan or Madrid. No way Dortmund..."

Fans respond to Gotze return rumors

Today's tense game against Werder Bremen, which we won 3-2, after a beautiful comeback by our subs, fans voiced their less-than-hospital opinion with a banner about the rumored return of BVB's former number 10, Mario Goetze.

The banner reads, ""Milan or Madrid. No way Dortmund. Piss off Gotze."

Goetze, who left Dortmund in 2013 for our evil rivals Bayern Munch, has fallen out of favor under current coach Pep Guardiola. With Carlo Ancelotti taking over in the summer, the World Cup winner's future has been called into question. Should Ancelotti decide not to keep the struggling Goetze many rumors mark him for a return to Dortmund. He has also been linked with our former coach, Juergen Klopp, over in the rainy city of Liverpool.