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Watch: Aubameyang chips Dortmund ahead

A neat finish for the Gabonese international

Lars Baron/Getty Images

It was a tight 45 minutes against Werder Bremen, but the opening of the second half has brought out some good, old-fashioned Dortmund counter-attack.

That counter is absolute lightning. Reus gathers the ball on the wing and whips a ball into the center of the pitch, where Mkhitaryan collect and touches past the Werder defense, who are forced to step up and pressure him. Aubameyang finds the gap vacated by that pressure, Mkhitaryan slips him through, and Batman chips BVB into the lead. It's textbook stuff, the type of goal that Dortmund have been scoring for years now, but it certainly does not get old. The goal takes Auba to 23 goals on the season, two behind Robert Lewandowski for the lead on the Bundesliga top scorer's chart.