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Loud and Clear: Dortmund hang anti-racism banners

Signal Idunal got a small cosmetic change for the match today.

Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images

Against a strong anti-Islam current being propagated in the wake of terrorist attacks in Belgium, Turkey, and Pakistan, as well as the day-in, day-out functioning of systemic racism around the world, Dortmund have decided to come out of the international break with a strong statement:

Yes, it's just a banner, but it's nice to see statements of intent from the club itself and not just from the Yellow Wall on the matter. It's up to Dortmund to back up these words and make this more than just banners to hang in the stadium. FIFA games all begin with the "My game is fair play" banner being carried out in front of teams, which is one of the great situational ironies of our footballing times. Still, good on Dortmund for not tolerating any racist sentiment.