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Crazy Rumor Day: Romelu Lukaku and Ousmane Dembele to Dortmund

ummmmmmmmm no

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

The internet is taking two rather outlandish rumors pretty seriously today.

The first is that Romelu Lukaku visited BVBs training grounds recently, apparently as BVB try to sign the Everton star. While this makes no sense for BVB budget wise and personnel wise, the rumor has been picking up steam. As much as it would be nice to see such a talented young star on BVB, I'm not sure he would be willing to take a back seat to Aubameyang or vice versa. Anyway Everton probably aren't going to give away their prized possession easily as well.

The other rumors comes from "super trustworthy" Sports Bild, saying that BVB have signed 18 year old Ousmane Dembele from Stade Rennais F.C. This coming after most rumors have stated Bayern signed the young forward earlier this month. Again this seems to be another bunch of hullabaloo but Bleacher Report's Lars Pollmann had some interesting theories on where the rumor was coming from.

While Dembele does make a little more sense then Lukaku, since he would most likely be content with being the backup striker, it still seems a little outlandish. Just another day in the ever turning Dortmund rumor mill right?