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Pulisic garners praise from teammates

Teammates hail the young American's progress in a video released by BVB

Lars Baron/Getty Images

We're running out of superlatives to describe Christian Pulisic, as are most other people at this point. He just became the fourth youngest ever scorer in the Bundesliga, a teenager not only cracking the lineup of the second-place team in Germany, but becoming an important player for a squad playing in three competitions with a thin attacking corps. The 90 minutes and goal against Hamburg seemed to be more coronation than surprise at this point, and his teammates agree:

Matthias Ginter, Roman Burki, and Marcel Schmelzer all commented on Pulisic's big day, hailing his skill in training and congratulating him on his performance. Ginter even goes as far to say that he "is not surprised" at Pulisic's development.

So, there's that. A word to the wise says to take the good with a grain of salt for any teenager, as fortunes at this level of the game are fraught for the best of players, and heaping expectations on someone who won't be able to legally vote, among other things, for another five months probably isn't the wisest proposition.

But that's no fun.